Support ELWA Radio!

ELWA Radio is in the midst of its annual fundraising drive. ELWA Radio is free for all, but we are calling on our supporters and friends to help us raise the funds that are needed to stay on the air. Some of the programs heard on ELWA Radio have sponsors who pay for the airtime…

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Up and Running!

Glory to God! Last night the “fine new generator” went online at ELWA! Thanks be to God first, but so much credit goes to the dedicated, tireless, hardworking, sacrificial Technical Services team for making this happen! Everyone played a part, from building the new house (masons and carpenters), to wiring and hooking the system up…

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New Radio Tower on Site!

The new 340-foot FM radio tower has finally arrived at ELWA and will be going up in the next few weeks! Radio Technical Director Manker Wingbah says the old tower will be utterly unsafe to climb after another rainy season and is at risk of falling down completely. God’s time is the best! It took…

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