Trinity Dental Bringing Care to Unserved Liberians

Trinity Dental Clinic, located at ELWA Hospital Compound, has been an active part of the medical outreach teams sponsored by the Evangelical Church of Liberia and SIM-LIberia. Every time they participate in the outreach, they relieve dozens of people of long-term pain caused by decaying teeth and infections. Recognizing this gap in the Liberian medical…

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In loving memory of a grandfather of ELWA Radio

In June, ELWA suffered its first casualty of the Covid-19 pandemic, when we lost one of our senior Liberian staff, Rev. Henry S. Garmondeh, the Bassa language broadcaster on ELWA Radio. Henry had a very long history with ELWA. He listened to ELWA when he was a student at the RC Lawson Mission School in…

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Laying the groundwork

In April 2021, the base for the new 340-foot FM tower was cast in preparation for the arrival of the tower later this year, to replace the aging, rusted tower in place now. The purchase of the tower was sponsored by EMA-USA, an organization of ELWA supporters who are keen to keep ELWA Radio broadcasting…

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Trinity Dental Clinic Breaks New Ground

On August 27, 2018, ELWA’s Trinity Dental Clinic broke ground for a new facility at the ELWA Hospital, conveniently located adjacent to the out-patient department.  Construction of the new clinic, expected to open by mid-2019,  is sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse. The lead “ground-breaker” was TDC manager Eddie Maquie, who left a few days later for…

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ELWA Academy opened its new school year on Monday, September 11. This opening day marks the first time that ELWA Academy has had a complete student body, from grades nursery through twelfth grade. The ELWA Academy High School dedicated its new building to launch the school year. With four full size classrooms, the building provides more…

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