Up and Running!

Glory to God! Last night the “fine new generator” went online at ELWA! Thanks be to God first, but so much credit goes to the dedicated, tireless, hardworking, sacrificial Technical Services team for making this happen! Everyone played a part, from building the new house (masons and carpenters), to wiring and hooking the system up (electricians and power team), to connecting the water and exhaust systems (plumbers and welders). What an amazing team effort, led by the Technical Services Director, ELWA ED, and SIM leadership! Also thanks to some outside helpers from within Liberia and the USA. Finally, thanks to donors who responded to the call when we had the opportunity to purchase this machine while it was already on the way! Every single staff member and resident at ELWA is thanking God that the oxygen plant will continue operating, surgeries will not be interrupted, the radio will be on the air when people tune in, computer data won’t be lost to sudden outages, food will be preserved in refrigerators, and nighttime security lights will stay on. These months have been stressful: Pray for all to rest and recover from the trial. And stay tuned for more good news!