Bahr Town ECOL School Visit

Last Thursday, SIM missionaries Jenny Elphick and Bethany Fankhauser, and two visitors with the group EMA (ELWA Ministries Association) visited the Bahr Town ECOL School with Rev. Samuel Johnson, the Chairman of the ECOL Education committee. The Principal, Rev Sackie, students and teachers were very welcoming. They saw lessons in Mathematics, spelling, reading and phonics and it was clear that the school has been doing a great job of providing quality Christian education. They were pleased to see the newly built latrines, which are a recent addition. Sadly the school is still in need of a well as the children are drinking water out of the local river which, as you can imagine,  is very dangerous for their health!

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2 Comments On “Bahr Town ECOL School Visit”

  1. I was pleased to see the students all uniformed and busy about their studies.
    It was sad to learn that they were drinking water out of the river because they had no well at the school site. This must be a top priority now. I had learned they were dumping bodies that had been infected with Ebola in the rivers. This is so dangerous and will lead to more contamination in the country. May God protect these dear children in the Bahr Town school. Praying!

  2. Betty Thompson. Are you of the Thompson family that was at ELWA in the 70’s? My maiden name was Susan Muller and I taught at the academy in 1978-79. I was only there for one year but fell in love with everyone there, the other missionaries, the people of Liberia, the kids I taught, my neighbors the Youngs, and it was a life changing year. It saddens me to see how devastated the country is right now just when things were rebuilding after the long civil war. I do pray God will strengthen his people who are working so hard to minister to all the tremendous needs. In Christ, Susan

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